Getting to know me


Modelng was never something I expected to be involved in. When I was in middle school, my friends modeled for a company that handed out offers in the mall, and even after I got asked to join, my insecurites held me back. Around that time, even though I knew my body was still devloping, I constantly tore myself down believing I was overweight. I begged my mother to put me on a diet, and I refused to wear short shorts or shirts that revealed any part of my stomach. Unfortunatly, those insecurities weren't only oriented around my figure. I thought my nose was too big, my hair was too poofy, my arms were too hairy, and my face was just boring. I never had the confidence to become a model, even though I spent the majority of my time posing in mirrors whenever I passed one. However, I noticed modeling was not only a great way to introduce myself into the art business, but it would help to preform infront of a camera more comfortably. So, I joined a few websites and made arrangements on my own to get involved. Modeling is my job now, and as I continue forward in the career I hope to expand to more concept and editorial shoots.



Suzanna recently graduated from SUNY Purchase College with a BA in Play Writing and Screenwriting. Prior to this, she interned at Atlantic Pictures in NYC where her responsibilities included daily script coverage, however quickly escalated into a Personal Assistant gig on multiple commercial sets (Samsung/ Madison Square Park Promo-Shoot - SL Green Cranker Commerical).

In her final semester at Purchase,  she LA'd two upper level screenwriting classes and was awarded the most outstanding student in my major, after graduating two semesters early.


Suzanna was cast as Gianna in the upcoming indie project The Sixteen, produced by Gee Bee Productions and Jessica Gerlach. Also this past winter she starred as Jessica in the Brooklyn College student film Riptide.

Coach: Shelley Mitchell / John Pallotta


Suzanna's singing upbringing consisted mostly of vocal training and musical theater. While at Suny Purchase, she not only performed in showcases and cabarets, but as well collaborated with many musicians on campus, covering songs and creating original pieces.

Coach: Nancy Rathbun



In recent years, Suzanna has modeled for various Bridal Companies around Westchester NY, promoting wedding gowns, florals, jewelry, and venues. In the past year, she was published in 9 bridal blogs/magazines. Most recently, she modeled a dress designed by Lea Ann Belter from Jessica Haley Bridal Shop in Rye in a promotional shoot for the Greenwich Historical Society.


Singing is something I have been involved in my whole life. When I was a kid, I would always run around singing Disney songs or any early 2000's pop songs. At family get-togethers, a relative would always pull out a guitar and everyone would gather around and begin singing. I watched as my older siblings participated in singing classes and musicals. As well they constatnly put on indivudal preformances for the family, so I of course followed in their footsteps. I took singing classes in my school as well as professional lessons outside of it. I auditioned for musicals, and solos in my school chorus class. I have never really invisioned myself entering the music industry, even though I do write songs. Maybe one day I'll make an album or I'll be involed in someone elses, but singing for me is more stage oriented. It is my strongest talent, and any opporuntiy to sing is one I jump at.

"I figure life's a gift and I don't intend of wasting it." -

Leonardo Dicaprio - Titanic

"I know a lot of people dread going to work every morning, but my work is playing pretend and doing stunts and screaming. It's a lot of fun and I get to play dress up. Every day is exciting and different and new and cool. I couldn't be more grateful." - 

Nina Dobrev

My Inspiration

"I get to do what I love every day. I get to crawl into somebody else's head and I love that."-

Sophia Bush

"Believe in yourself and go for it"-

Emma Watson

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